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Best Mario Games

Mario games were produced and born in 1981 by the Nintendo Company. These games are well known products most especially in Japan. It is well loved by many families who like to play games and enjoy playing computer and game console games. At the same time, it can also be played by individual gamers and they can even have other players play with them, especially with the technology available today that allows gamers to play with other gamers through the Internet. The Jogos do Mario these days are more improved and better compared to before, there are more graphics and the technology used to design the game is more modern. Because of this, it gained additional features and game plays that makes it more fun and interesting especially for the avid Mario games fanatics. So through out the whole existence of these Mario games, what are the most popular Mario games that is greatly loved by many people? Here is a list…

Well of course, who would forget the Mario game which is greatly loved by many? The Super Mario Bros. Game! In this game, players use either Mario or his brother Luigi in an adventure, most of the time, Mario is used. Mario is powered up by eating mushrooms that would make him grow big and strong, hence the name Super Mario. Because of this, he will be able to defeat his enemies and save princess Peach. This game has already been loved and supported by many fans for almost 30 years or more now.

There is also Mario Galaxy where it gives users and gamers a 3D gaming experience as Mario explores space. If you have always dreamt of becoming an astronaut or going to space, then this game is just perfect for you as it allows you to have an experience of great techniques and visualizations that would make you feel that you are indeed in space because of the anti-gravity feeling it gives while playing the game.

Super Mario 64 should perhaps be included in the list of the best games a gamer could ever play. Its action performance would give you a 360 degrees feel and action effects. The best part about it is that you would help Mario in his adventure but with 3D effects, making it more realistic and fun for gamers to really enjoy.

There are actually a lot more Mario games gamers and users could choose from, without a doubt, Nintendo has made it one of the best games they have.


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